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As a free jailbreaking app, Lucky Patcher is quite popular in the gaming community. Not only is it used to crack, but it’s also a tool to help manage apps, including ad-blocking, app permission modification, and more. Using is completely free. Let’s find out about this app.

Lucky patcher

Lucky patcher

About Lucky Patcher

Perhaps the Lucky Patcher app is no stranger to Android users or the gaming community. This is an application used as a tool to use copyright of copyrighted applications and games on Android devices. When using Lucky Patcher, almost every app is gently cracked with just one click on the device. 

For proprietary apps, app offers free tools to unlock features. For paid request apps, app also supports removing this requirement.

Next, the app also allows users to block ads or allow access to premium games that require a fee. The special feature is that the tool also allows users to modify the app, modify games, and make money from free games. 

In addition, this application also helps to support the management of applications. For example, if you find that an app has a data security problem, app will prevent it immediately.


  • Allow users to modify apps
  • Support for application management
  • Block annoying and ad-containing apps
  • Jailbreaking support for accessing copyright and charging apps


  • The number of app edits allowed to be modified is limited
  • Supported apps may not be as good as the original
  • Request root access on the device
lucky patcher download free

lucky patcher download free


Lucky patcher download offers the following amazing features:

  • Remove ad with: App allows users to remove annoying ads from the apps and games they’re using
  • Delete purchases in the App: This means that users receive all free bonus points without having to use the in-game purchase function
  • Allow game modifications: Allowing app adjustments will help players modify all features as desired, such as receiving free in-app bonus points without having to make a purchase, receiving unlimited rewards. However, App will require root access so you can consider this.
  • Change management permissions on the app: Being able to manage the app helps users not to be bound or accept requests from the game

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Lucky Patcher app harm my device?

The answer is no because Lucky Patcher is merely a tool that supports app modification and does not harm the device nor track and collect user data. So, be sure to use this app.

How does Lucky Patcher work?

Lucky Patcher works with the mechanism that it will scan all the apps and games installed on your Android device. After that, the app will make the best change suggestions. At this point, the app will suggest deleting ads, changing the permissions required on the app, and ignoring in-app purchases.

Lucky Patcher legal or not?

App operates unofficially, but it is not illegal. However, you are at your own risk when using it because the app supports ignoring verification.

Does Lucky Patcher claim rooting rights?

Lucky Patcher only requires root permission when you agree. This means that the app can still work on devices that have not been rooted. However, it will work better on rooted devices as it will offer more features and recommendations.

What do the games supported on Lucky Patcher include?

App does not support all games on the Android device store. However, the best apps and games are now supported by You can name names like:

  • Zombie Scrapper
  • Stick War: Legacy
  • Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense
  • Age of wind 3
  • Zombie Highway 2 etc…

That’s the information about the Lucky Patcher app. This is the best management support app today with many great features